Book: “The Cartographic Fool: The Cultural Boundaries of Imagined Space

in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries”

This book is currently being written. The first four of a planned eight chapters are complete. 

(Title page, TOC, sample pages.) 

Book: "The Decline of Space: Euclid between the Ancient and Medieval Worlds"

This manuscript is partially written and concentrates on the spatial regime 

of the millennium that preceded Euclidean space's rise after 1350. 

(Title page, TOC, sample pages.) 

Current Research Project: "Forging the Global Mind: European 

Libraries in Colonial Latin America"

This project explores the history of libraries in colonial Latin America. It emphasizes 

library collections in Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, and São Paulo. 

It is being funded by a research grant from CIDE.

(The attached document comes from the project proposal.)